Magical Duo - Paper Flowers + Name Sign

Tips For Designing Your Nursery With Wall Paper Flowers & Custom Baby Name Sign

Let’s first begin of how elegant our paper flower wall art look in your baby’s nursery and then a little detailing on how to pair it with our personalized baby name signs to create perfect dreamy nursery. Custom name sign paired with paper flowers creates a magical WALL ART PAPER FLOWERS

Floral nursery will always be on-trend. What makes it more classic elegant is our handmade wall paper flowers. We specialize in customizing the colors of the flowers to match your project nursery theme and your baby’s floral nursery bedding. There are vast color palettes available for your wildflower nursery decor ranging from light hues of blush, pink, grey, white to dark hues of purple, coral, peach. Pick the perfect colors to match and we’ll create beautiful three-dimensional large paper flowers to add texture to your nursery.

You know, the one unique thing about our paper wall flowers compared to traditional fabric wallpapers, wall decals, and wall art is that they bring in plenty of that 3D look in your princess baby girl nursery. Now you can easily assemble paper flowers on the wall with our paper template guide and step-by-step video instructions included with every purchase for free. We also provide all the necessary adhesives to assemble them without any damage to the wall(Yes, they’re definitely renter-friendly).

Our Blush Paper Flower Wall Decor, is one of the best selling flower arrangement to create a beautiful Boho nursery. We used this paper flower set to decorate the nursery wall above the rattan crib.

One of our customers purchased Misty Rose Blush Pink with Sage Green Paper Flowers Set to decorate her daughter’s bedroom to match soft pastel bedding. This is one of the prettiest paper flower wall decor color palettes with the touch of sage green leaves for a perfect girl's bedroom decor.

Misty rose Blush Pink Sage Nursery Girl Bedroom Paper Flowers Made in Australia by Purely Paper Flowers

Misty Rose Blush Pink with Sage Green Paper Flowers Set | Girl Bedroom Wall Decor

  • Another great option is to pair our personalized laser-cut baby name signs with our paper flowers for setting up a nursery for new baby..

We love the way our name signs and wall paper flowers go perfectly together. Use our name signs or Letter Monogram paired with our wallpaper flowers to decorate your baby girl's nursery above the crib or on your kid's bedroom wall.

Our custom name signs can be made in Acrylic - Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, White, Black; Bamboo name sign - Light or Dark; Wooden Name Sign - Painted or Unpainted. SHOP HERE

Here are few lovely collections of our custom name signs and wall paper flowers.

Purple Paper Flower Wall Decor | Nursery Decor Australia

Flower arrangements are always meant to be colourful and bring so much joy and happiness. We love the way our giant paper flowers add a lovely pop of bold and beautiful colors to the nursery wall. If you love bright colors to pop in your baby’s room/nursery then this is for you.

Coral Peach Pink Wall Paper Flowers | Purely Paper Flowers Australia

Coral Pink Peach Paper Flower Wall Decor

Everlasting wall paper flowers will always be in trend and no doubt you'll never miss one for your little princess dream nursery.

Shop our amazing selection of paper wall flowers and custom baby name sign designed exclusively to match your nursery bedding and your project nursery theme. Please click here to get in touch with us today if you need custom color paper flowers for your baby's nursery wall. We'll get back within 24 business hours.

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