Do’s and Don’ts - How to care for your wall paper flowers?

Amazing FIVE ways to care for your wall paper flowers to make it an everlasting paper flower arrangement


The art of paper flowers has been around for years. Paper flowers are the best alternatives to real flowers and a more eco-friendly option for a variety of occasions, including weddings, holidays, special events, gifts to your loved ones, and, of course, decorations for your home, baby girl nursery.

What’s so special about our paper flowers. Many hours go into creating each flower. Creating templates, cutting individual petals, shaping them, arranging them, and making sure every detail is in place takes skill and patience. Each flower is unique and handmade, and they bring in plenty of 3D look/texture to your princess daughter's nursery room.

The realistic look of paper flowers makes them a beautiful addition to any event or special occasion.

So , here are the amazing 5 ways to care for these magical blooms -

  1. First and foremost - It’s a very obvious fact that the main ingredient for making paper flowers is paper. Our paper flowers are sensitive to water and moisture. Please take utmost care to keep your flowers away from water sources or places of high humidity.
  2. Paper flowers as a nursery wall decor or as decoration in your home can accumulate dust over time. Please make sure to dust them periodically using any feather-soft duster. Do it gently and effortlessly with light inward to outward stroke to remove the dust and debris.
  3. We use the best quality premium papers for all our paper flowers. It's a natural fact that papers can fade in colour over time when kept in direct sunlight despite how best the paper quality is . To avoid this effect be sure to place your flowers away from direct sunlight.
  4. At purely, we make all our paper flowers as sturdy as possible. Also, we take utmost care while packing your paper flowers in the box. Only on a rare occasion , there may be a loose petal fallen off from any of the flowers. If this at all happens, simply use a low temperature hot glue gun or a glue stick to reattach the petal to the flower and it’s that simple. 
  5. If you wanted to remove and reuse the flowers for later use, gently pull off each flower from the wall very gently as per our instructions in our paper flowers assembly video(included with every purchase you make from us) and store them properly in a box. You can reuse them anytime using new wall mounting double sided sticky tapes/dots available online. Please ensure to remove and use new adhesive adhesive backing for damage-free stronghold.

It's as easy as that! If you have any questions about how to care for your new paper flowers don't hesitate to get in touch via email, we would be more than happy to help.

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