Firstly, thank you so much for visiting our online shop. We’re grateful you’re here and hope you love our wall paper flowers decor + Custom name sign nursery decor.

At Purely Paper Flowers , we focus on creating handmade paper flower wall decorations & personalised 3D laser cut name plaque signs for nursery bedroom wall decor & events in our home studio based in Sydney, Australia and ships worldwide.

..........Hi there! ...........

I am Saranya - creator behind all your lovely things.

'Purely Paper Flowers' is my passion and keeps me sane on busy days with my lovely toddler baby girl.

After some years in the corporate world I decided I needed something more hands on and creative; something that I could express my love of nature, colour and texture through; something that I could lose myself in.

Decorating a few of my daughter's in- house events and a couple of friends' kids birthday parties later my flowery path was set. I aim to bring bespoke and elegant designs to my artwork.

I love discovering new colour combinations and a variety of styles in paper flower arrangements to help design your lovely baby's dream princess girl nursery.

It never ceases to amaze me that I am still discovering new materials, styles &options that send me off into a new flowery direction each day.

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